Catherine is a proud co-owner of Pole Fitness Academy. After learning her first spin in 2007, she knew this was an awesome form of exercise. Catherine now loves to teach all levels and genres from beginner to advanced, to Exotic, to Twerk!


Sarah started pole in 2012, and is now a proud co-owner of Pole Fitness Academy. Sarah knew pole would take her out of her comfort zone and push her to learn something new and different. Sarah looks forward to practicing any chance she gets.

Carly (Bilingual)

Carly discovered Pole in 2012 while searching for an exciting way to enrich her workout regime. She loves how pole fitness has improved both her strength and confidence. Carly is thrilled to have the opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm and her love of this amazing sport to her students.


Rebecca started Pole in 2010, and has watched her strength and skill continuously build since. Rebecca has an extensive dance background, including ballet. She is now extremely enthusiastic to pass her techniques on to her students. She is specialized in aerial hoop and silks.


Richelle loves executing advanced pole tricks and is a true daredevil when it comes to her pole work. Richelle has dabbled in every type of dance imaginable, including contemporary and step dancing. She also performed with a professional step dancing company in both Canada and the USA.


Laura found her love for fitness and health in 2015 following her first pole class. It was shortly after starting pole that Laura started her journey in Body Building and has enjoyed fusing her two passions. She loves the strength and grace found in pole fitness and enjoys pushing her limits in both sports. Joining pole fitness is, the best decision she's made and truly believes everyone should take a class at least once in their life.


Since Mikaela's first pole class, she's been amazed at how she can achieve moves she never thought possible. Mikaela is always excited to learn and to grow, all the while enjoying the encouragement and support from the amazing athletes at the studio. She brings a fun energy to parties and enjoys helping others learn and grow as well! Mikaela is completely bilingual, fluent in both French and English.


Christa has always been keen on climbing things and hanging upside down, so when she started taking pole classes in 2011, she fell in love with it immediately. Soon after, she started training on aerial hoop and loves training on any aerial apparatus she can get her hands on! Christa comes from a background of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics as well as a smattering of highland dance and acro and is always excited to learn and teach new skills.


Before becoming obsessed with pole dancing in 2016, Van was an experienced dancer in a variety of styles. She now draws from her jazz-funk background to create a pole dance style that's both strong and athletic yet balanced with a graceful flow. She believes that everybody has a pole dancing body -- you are strong enough and flexible enough as long as you believe in yourself. Come to Van's class for an encouraging and fun atmosphere!


Jessica started learning pole in 2016. Pole gave her confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She is excited to join the studio and be part of such a supportive community.

Our Front Desk Admin Staff

Our friendly bilingual admin staff are here to help you with your questions. They are available in Studio A office Monday to Thursday evenings from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.


Once Delilah graduated from her dance studio of 7 years, she was in need of a new hobby, to not only keep herself in shape, but also trick herself into working out, Pole is doing just that!